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Continuing Professional Development

Why IBANZ support CPD

Continuing Professional Development has always been part of being a true professional. Legislation and the introduction of a regulator have reinforced professional standards. The clear expectation, now set out in law, is that insurance brokers have the skills to meet the needs of their clients and must actively work towards maintaining and developing those skills through CPD.

IBANZ with Professional IQ College acknowledges this expectation by providing members with the courses, workshops and qualifications required to undertake quality CPD. We set a professional standard through our Code of Professional Conduct and Constitution to ensure members reach an appropriate standard.

Whats in it for the client?

For the client, the regulations provide an assurance of professionalism and a measure of protection against misguided or misinformed advice. Clients are advised of the credentials and the levels of expertise held by the professional they are dealing with, and have confidence that the advice they are receiving is in their best interest.

And for the Broker? 

For the Broker there are a number of positive benefits to committing to a professional development plan, besides satisfying the Financial Market Authority recommendations.

  • Remain up-to-date in a dynamic profession.
  • Maintain a competitive advantage for individuals and organisations‚Äč.
  • Career advancement. 

Professional IQ College manage, authorize and approve the IBANZ CPD programme on behalf of IBANZ.

There have been significant changes made to the IBANZ CPD to simplify the requirements, and reflect more closely the Financial Markets Authority code of conduct.

Individual members who are registered RFAs need to undertake a minimum of 10 CPD points, which is the standard applicable for PIB status. QIB and CIB status requirements are a minimum of 15 CPD points.

There are additional criteria to satisfy the IBANZ CPD status requirements, and more information can be found here

We encourage brokers to apply now for PIB status.

The full CPD Guide is available to download.

A rating request form is available here so that Members and Associated organisations can apply to Professional IQ College for approval to endorse training. This allows members to record CPD points when their attendance is recorded for approved courses, by any approved provider.

For those requiring structured points for attendance at a conference/workshop.  Click here for the conference/workshop worksheet.



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