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In assessing a combination of annual CPD, Qualifications gained and professional experience, IBANZ will give recognition to Individual Members in the form of a 'Professional Status'.  The levels offered are:

Status Summary
None New Individual Members of IBANZ will not be recognised with any status, however it is assumed they will be working towards PIB Status.  
PIB Professional Insurance Broker

Can demonstrate basic industry experience and completes a minimum of 10 hours of CPD per year.

QIB Qualified Insurance Broker

Can demonstrate moderate industry experience, holds at least one related NZQA Qualification and completes a minimum of 15 hours of CPD per year.

CIB Chartered Insurance Broker

Can demonstrate significant industry experience, knowledge and skills, holds a high level related NZQA Qualification, and completes a minimum of 15 hours of CPD per year.


The purpose of these status levels are so insurance brokers may promote a measurable and trustworthy assessment of their professional status.

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