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PIB Status


PIB Status recognises IBANZ Members as being professional practitioners dedicated to continuing professional development.

IBANZ Members compete for business with non-member brokers, insurance agents, banks and insurers. The achievement and maintenance of PIB status is an important tool for brokers and helps to differentiate them from others who are not committed to high standards in their business dealings.


Criteria for PIB Status

1. Membership - Individual Member of IBANZ, Inc., and

2. Experience/Qualifications - Is engaged as a practising broker, and 

3. Continuing Professional Development - evidence of at least 10 CPD points in the preceding 12 months

For further details on application criteria, contact us or email [email protected] and we will assist you.


Retention of PIB Status

To retain PIB, Members must be able to declare at least 10 CPD points of professional development each year (1 January - 31 December).

If a Member does not achieve the 10 CPD points required in a year they may apply for an extension of target reduction to achieve the requirements to retain their status as PIB. If the grace period expires and the requirements have not been met the PIB status will be lost.

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