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Corporate Membership


The Process for Corporate applications as follows:

Step 1 

An email is sent to the applicant to acknowledge receipt of the application if you have included everything that is required, if not you will be contacted by email asking for any missing documents from your application, either way you will be notified of the date for the next board meeting.

Step 2 

Shortly after the board meeting you will be sent a confirmation letter, invoice, certificate & a copy of the IBANZ Rules & Code.

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Corporate Membership Application Form

Please fill out this form and send it back to us.  It is very important to provide all the information required as your application cannot be processed until everything is received. 

Please note all applications need to be approved by the IBANZ Board whose meetings are held approximately every six weeks.




Corporate Member

A Corporate Member must be a body corporate which carries on a predominantly General Insurance Broking and/or Risk Management Business.

To become a Corporate Member the applicant must satisfy the Board that it fulfills the criteria as set out in Clause 8.(i) (a) of the Constitution.


Provisional Corporate Member

A Provisional Corporate Member must be a Body Corporate which carries on a predominantly General Insurance Broking and/or a Risk Management Business.

To become a Provisional Corporate Member must satisfy the Board that it fulfills the criteria as set out in Clause 8.(i) (b) of the Constitution.


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