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250th Anniversary conference

20 Jun 2016

A conference is to be held celebrating the 250th anniversary of the case of Carter v Boehm (1766) during which Lord Mansfield set out the principle of "Utmost good faith" which has become the cornerstone of insurance around the world.

The insurance issues in this case arose out of a French attack on Fort Marlborough, a British trading post in Bengkulu (then known as ‘Benkulen’ or ‘Bencoolen’), Sumatra in 1760.

This landmark case is particularly important to the Insurance industry as it has been credited with driving the principle of Utmost Good Faith, which today is part of all insurance contracts. Because this is such a landmark ruling, Allan Manning and Greg Pynt are arranging a special conference.

This one off conference is to be held in Bengkulu City (population almost 400,000 people), adjacent to where the loss giving rise to the case and the important decision occurred, that being Fort Marlborough on Southern Sumatra, on the weekend of 1 and 2 October this year.

There will be presentations by qualified academics and others (including Professor Robin Pearson of the University of Hull) on each of the two mornings and a guided tour of the Fort and perhaps visits to an active volcano, the tallest flower in the world, the largest flower in the world and other nearby attractions.

The conference is not designed to be anything other than a serious learning experience for attendees on this extremely important principle. It is not designed to make a profit and should it do so any excess will be donated to a local Indonesian school to assist the young people in that region.

A registration brochure for the Conference will be available later this month. Logistics limit the Conference to 35 delegates. 

More about the conference can be found at

If you or anyone you know would be interested in attending or just learning a bit more about the event which is going to look at the relevance of the principle of Utmost Good Faith in the 21st Century and beyond please contact Allan Manning at:

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