Building an Unshakeable Mindset (Part II - the requested deeper dive) 22-2-24


1.00 CPD Hours

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By: Bruce Ross, Ignite Business Leadership

Duration: 1:01:01

Building on Bruce's October '23 webinar (same name), in which he discussed how our success or failure, is not so much determined by the tactics, mechanics or strategies that you apply, but by the mindset that you bring on a daily basis. Part II will repeat key themes covered in his previous webinar with 60% new content including proven, science-backed insights and tools to create your unshakable mindset, so you can consistently create extraordinary results across your business, finances, relationships (and life).

You will learn:

  • The core (but rarely discussed) ingredient in effective leadership
  • How to get back 40+ productive hours/month to be more effective at work, as well as being present for your teams, and your family
  • How to near-permanently eliminate the stress, struggle and overwhelm states that prevent you from taking your business to the next level
  • The fastest, most powerful method for transforming the way you think, so you can maintain consistent momentum towards achieving your vision.




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