Business Interruption - Wages 15-11-23


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By: Mark Anderson 

Duration: 1.12:49

Different ways to insure wages (including Dual Wages) – and what is best for your clients?

If wages are to be fully insured as part of Gross Profit, then nothing further is required. Wages will be treated like any other expense and if there is a reduction after a loss, this will be deducted as a “Saving”.
For businesses that consider that it is inevitable that its wages would reduce, under various loss scenarios, current BI policies offer a number of alternative methods of insuring wages, separate from the Gross Profit item.

We will discuss:

• The reasons why insuring wages separately should be considered?
• The alternative options available (including Dual Wages, “x” weeks Wages).
• How each alternative works in a claim scenario.
• Client information that is required to assist in considering these alternatives.
• Benefits and disadvantages with insuring Wages separately  



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