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Chief Executives departing message

09 Dec 2016

In a departing message EQC Chief Executive Ian Simpson says lessons have been learned from the Canterbury earthquakes.  As a result the response to the Kaikoura earthquakes will be different.

"One of the key things we learned from Canterbury is that we should have put more time early on into building relationships with customers, community groups, local government, and government agencies and insurers."

"We are heeding that lesson as we plan our response to Kaikoura. We’ve had staff on the ground in Kaikoura, Ward and Waiau to help customers lodge their claims and answer EQC related questions. The information our people are picking up from those areas is being fed back into our planning."

"The work we are doing now will mean that in 2017 we will be putting in place the team we need to deliver a response tailored to the needs of customers impacted by the Kaikoura Earthquake. This team will be part of the new structure we have developed to also carry on the remaining work in Canterbury in 2017."

Simpson also acknowledged that while working very hard on responding to Kaikoura, they realised that resolving the final Canterbury claims must remain a key focus.

Stepping down at the end of the year from his role at EQC, he wanted to thank the people there for their support and at times patience. "I acknowledge we didn't always get everything right but we have learned from that. I also want to acknowledge the EQC staff who worked very hard to support the Canterbury recovery."

Looking ahead Simpson said it's clear 2017 will be another year of challenges however he is confident EQC will rise to meet those challenges.


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