Complaint Handling Process and Skills Session 3 15-6-21


1.00 CPD Hours

$89.00 +GST Retail
$74.00 +GST Learning Partner

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Presented by: Trevor Slater

Duration: 58:10

Whether it is investigating a complaint or providing advice, the gathering of information from your client in a comprehensive manner is vital.  In this webinar Trevor will take you through the different questioning and interviewing techniques and also his very popular detecting deception session.

When dealing with clients we rely heavily on what they tell us to make decisions on the services we provide and the cost.  But what if all they are saying is not the truth or more importantly not the whole story?  Then our decisions will be negatively impacted. Scientific Content Analysis (SACN) is the science of detecting deception in the written and spoken word.  In this very interesting and fun presentation Trevor will share with you how to identify when your client is not telling you the full story and how to uncover the truth. 



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