Connecting with Your Customer - 2017


1.00 CPD Hours

$89.00 +GST Retail
$74.00 +GST Learning Partner

Learn Module Detail

By Trevor Slater 

Duration: 58.11 

This webinar is webinar 1 which is part of a negotiation course that consists of six webinars each around 60 minutes long.  At the end of each webinar there will be a short assignment.  Upon completion of all, 6 attendees can request a full completion certificate. 

These webinars can also be attended separately and not as part of the certificate course as each is ‘self-contained’.

The next in our series is: Interest Based Negotiation

The cornerstone of any good negotiation is being able to ‘get your messages’ through to the other party.  In this session participants will learn the skills of mirroring behaviour to connect with the other party and moving positions to change perspective.



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