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Court ruling creates rush of calls

27 Jul 2016

A landmark legal settlement that ruled the EQC had to repair quake-damaged houses to ‘when new,’ and not pre-earthquake, standard has led to a growing workload for the commission, it has been reported.


The EQC has been receiving about 20 calls a day from people wanting their quake repairs reviewed; and has been called by 900 since the court ruling two months ago, reported RNZ News.

Following a legal settlement between EQC and a group of 98 claimants, called the EQC Action Group, EQC Fix was established. The independent public justice project aimed to ensure that the interests of homeowners were protected.

Melanie Burke, spokesperson of EQC Fix, told RNZ News she was not surprised that close to 900 contacted the commission asking for their repairs to be checked.

"What's starting to happen is [that] more people [are] becom[ing] aware of what to look for − perhaps they've moved back into their homes after having them repaired.

"The more that we help people in the community understand what those issues are, we'll just see that grow."

Burke stressed the importance of making sure foundation repairs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were done properly.

"There was a chap I'd spoken to who had a sale fall through recently, that was an EQC repaired home, because of identification of additional damage.

"So I think what people need to become aware of is as market awareness increases around this issue that there is the risk of homes being devalued."


- insurancebusiness

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