Customising an influence strategy - 2017


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By Laurel McLay 

Duration: 58:49 

How can you generate leads in a way that not only suits your own business style, but also that of your market. How do you know if the investment into a lead generation strategy is providing you an acceptable return? How do you differentiate yourself powerfully from your competitors?

Learn how to design a customised influence strategy that not only suits you and your style/personality, but also your market and products. One where you can track the return on investment.

In this workshop you will discover

  • How a simple customer lifecycle framework can ensure you are not only attracting the right prospects,  but also converting and nurturing them in a way that works for you. 
  • How to take into consideration the specific markets that you work in, and make sure that any content you share is highly relevant for them.
  • Simple ways to measure the return on investment of your strategy (rather than investing in something unknown and simply hoping for the best!).


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