Ethical Dilemmas - 2016


1.50 CPD Hours

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By: Ngaire Newland

Duration: 1.26

Where do we draw the ethical line? It can be like finding a needle in a hay stack or drawing a line in the sand. What is ethics? What are the ethical challenges in the insurance and financial services industry? Conflicts of interest arise daily in some instances so how do we identify the difference between morals and ethics. How do your personal values and morals influence how you react to the ethical dilemma in the workplace? As busy people who often employ others and we live and work in a ‘village’ where colleagues become friends and become part of the family. So discover how ethical lapses (inadvertent or not) puts your reputation and your profession at stake.

In this short interactive workshop you will:

• Become familiar with some philosophical approaches to ethical decisions
• Understand the difference between ethics and morals
• Identify some of your values and moral principles
• Have some tools to make better ethical decisions
• Explore the code of ethics
• Be familiar with some common ethical dilemmas 

This recorded webinar is assessed using a small case study.



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