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SSP system breaks down again

15 Nov 2016

Brokers on SSP have encountered another connectivity issue affecting its Pure Broking platform this morning following the chaotic breakdowns last week and yesterday (14 November).

The software house has come under fire again from users, after running into problems for the second time in a week.

This follows the original outage, which left 306 brokers offline for as long as three weeks from 26 August.


No communication

For this current issue, SSP Worldwide failed to provide a formal statement to their customers this morning of the system outage.

One anonymous source told Insurance Age that SSP didn't even send their usual text message to notify brokers of the system failure.

"Normally if there is a system failure SSP text message their brokers to say, 'there's a system issue', 'next update follows in...'," the source said.

"We've had those yesterday, we've had none today, and we've just had to find out."

The source continued: "Things are going terrible.

"I rang [SSP] support at 11.01am, as we had been down for quite a while. They advised there were issues across the board on all applications.

"I then received the first official notification about today's failure at 11.33, quite a time after the system went down [since 9am]."


Alex Jewett, company director at Blackrock Insurance Services, which has offices in Yarmouth and Battle, said "it's just been an information blackout".

The only notification staff received were messages saying that "the system is going to shut down in ten minutes" and they have not been told why.

"This is the final straw, we have contacted other providers," said Jewett.

"We can only get access to emails. Work is backing up."

No idea

Richard Stevens, principal at Trelawney Insurance Solutions, echoed the fact that he was unable to do any work.

"I have had to contact them [SSP] this morning... they said they have no idea as to when it will be fixed.

"They know what the problem is but I couldn't repeat it as it is too technical and I don't want to get it wrong."

Insurance Age tried to contact SSP but no one could be reached.

 - Insurance Age

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