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Maintenance an issue at claim time

17 Jun 2016

One in every hundred people surveyed by AA Insurance has had a house insurance claim turned down because of their failure to keep their place well-maintained.

The survey of just over 800 homeowners revealed the home maintenance efforts many put in, but it also showed a worrying number of people's claims are being turned down as a result of their slack maintenance.

For example, if a fire was started as a result of faulty gas central heating, which had not been serviced the year of the fire, there could be a problem at claims time.

The poll showed that a third of homeowners did not understand they had to maintain their home in order to be fully covered by their home insurance, reported the news website,

Just as homeowners have a duty to their insurers to keep their homes well maintained, car owners have duties to properly maintain their cars.

Now research by insurer IAG indicates that many people are risking being caught in the poor maintenance trap. IAG created what it calls the IAG Safety Meter Index, which is based on surveying drivers about their maintenance habits and skills. It found that one in 10 people aged 60 or over hadn't checked their tyre tread in the past six months. That rises to a fifth of 30 year-olds. About three in 10 people aged 60 and over had not checked their tyre pressure in that time either.

Driving a car that is not in a roadworthy condition would be seen as a failure to take reasonable care, which is required by insurance policies.

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