More heart less hype - ensuring that your prospect meetings are impactful and memorable - 2017


1.00 CPD Hours

$89.00 +GST Retail
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By Laurel McLay 

Duration: 1:00

Getting out there and getting known is one of the most important skills as an adviser or broker. But you can have all the meetings in the world, if you are not converting them to revenue, then it’s clearly going to make an impact on your business. How you interact with a prospect when you are in front of them is a big part of this. Sure you need to understand your products and services well, and not come across as not ‘knowing your stuff’ but there are some other things to consider which will make a big difference to your conversion rates;

In this webinar you will learn

  • How to gather all the information required in a natural and easy way, without it seeming like a check list exercise.
  • What you can do to connect more powerfully with your prospect, even if you don’t feel like you do the ‘people stuff’ naturally (or conversely if you are an extravert who tends to collect friends not clients!).
  • The different ways in which you can ‘ask for the business’ or progress to the next stage; it’s got to work with your unique style.


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