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Overview and Enrolment Commitment

What am I getting into....... 

By enrolling with Professional IQ College you are committing to study the course that you have enrolled in.

This includes attempting to complete the course in the suggested time frames, using your own words to describe your understanding of the learning material where asked to do so.



Professional IQ College expects you to complete all assignments and activities by yourself. All work must be your own and you will not present the work of others as your own (plagiarism).You cannot copy directly from the study guides or other textbooks. The assessment requires that you use your own words to explain or describe answers. Professional IQ College has employed a system that will detect plagiarism. If you are found to have plagiarised or copied your answers, you may be removed from the programme and no refund for fees paid will be issued.


Course Evaluation and Feedback


Professional IQ College continuously tries to improve its programmes and courses. We request that all students complete a Course Evaluation and Satisfaction form.  It gives the College valuable feedback on the quality of its courses and where we can improve. We are also interested in finding out how satisfied you are with your learning experience at Professional IQ College.


The New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services is designed to develop knowledge of legislation, regulations and codes of practice used within the Financial Services Industry.

Guidance from an experienced and qualified colleague is an important part of learning.

You need to ask someone in your workplace, preferably a manager or supervisor, who is familiar with your work to verify that you have carried out the assessment tasks correctly and that you have applied your learning to your day to day work.

The verifier could be:

  • a current or previous supervisor, manager, mentor or professional colleague
  • a member of a professional body.

The verifier must not be:

  • a member of your family unless they are also part of your family business
  • an employee unless they hold the Level 5 qualification or equivalent.
Your verifier will be asked the following declaration:
I confirm that I am familiar with the student and their work and agree to act as their Verifier. I have checked the completed Tasks and can attest to their authenticity:

I can verify that the tasks for unit standard(s) have been completed by:

(Student name ) ……………………………………………………………………. and is their own work.

I give my permission for my contact information to be passed to the Skills Organisation should further verification of the student’s work be necessary


Computer Literacy Skills

While not an entry requirement this programme is a distance learning programme and is delivered primarily on line. Therefore it is expected that students will: 

  • Be comfortable in using a computer, especially email.
  • Have basic word-processing skills as your assignments need to be typed on a word-processor, such as Microsoft Word.
  • You have easy access to a high-speed computer and the Internet.
  • Need access to the internet to enable you to download resources, study guides, assessment/assignment tasks and instructions.
  • You are comfortable successfully loading plug-in applications on your computer from the Internet.

Other Requirements

To be successful in studying with Professional IQ College this programme you need to have some discipline to work through the programme. This means that:

  • You can work independently.
  • You are you comfortable asking for clarification and continuing to ask when you need more information.
  • You are you good at meeting deadlines.
  • You are comfortable working primarily with a text-based medium.
  • You are comfortable communicating with your instructor and fellow students via the phone, e-mail, and community chat and forums.

Should you be uncomfortable with any of the statements above please discuss with your Student Liaison, so that they can assist and support you.





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