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PIA Status


Professional Insurance Administrator (PIA) Professional Status recognises Individual Members of IBANZ as being professional practitioners dedicated to continuing professional development.

IBANZ Members compete for business with non-member brokers, insurance agents, banks and insurers. The achievement and maintenance of PIA status is an important tool for brokers involved with documentation, administration, claims and other support activities to differentiate themselves from others who cannot demonstrate the same level of commitment to high standards in their activities.

Criteria for PIA Status

1. Membership

Must be an Individual Member of IBANZ Inc; and

2. Experience

7 years in the insurance profession or 3 years working for a broker business; and

3. Continuing Professional Development

Evidence of planning and completing at least 10 hours of IBANZ CPD in the preceding 12 months

For more information about the criteria and application contact us or email your application form to us at [email protected] and we will assist you.

Please note: PIA is not a suitable status for registered financial advisers.

Retention of PIA Status

To retain PIA status Members must be able to evidence at least 10 IBANZ CPD hours each calendar year (1 January - 31 December).

If a Member does not achieve the 10 IBANZ CPD hours required in a year their status lapses and they must cease to use the PIA post-nominal.

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