Personal brand & Social Media 14-9-22


1.00 CPD Hours

$89.00 +GST Retail
$74.00 +GST Learning Partner

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Presented by: Natalie Cutler-Welsh

Duration: 57:41

Personal brand encompasses your energy or “vibe” as well as how others perceive you. It includes everything from what you say to what you wear to how you make people feel.  Personal brand may not be something you actively think about but it is something that you express and leaves an impression on others so it can be a crucial thing to consider.  In this session you will discover three specific words that reflect your personal brand and how you can more effectively represent your personal brand in your work and daily life.  

We will also look at social media and how to raise your profile and personal brand in a way that is both authentic to who you are and effective for your goals and intentions.  
Natalie is a dynamic presenter known for her high energy and insightful approach to a range of topics.

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