More walk less talk - getting out there and getting known - 2017


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By Laurel McLay 

Duration: 1:01

One of the most universally challenging activities, across all industries and markets is trying to get you and your product or service ‘out there’ and known to the people who count (and who you don’t at this stage know).  How can you do it in a way that doesn’t come across as pushy, but also doesn’t waste your time. There’s nothing more deflating than constantly being told ‘no’ and often people simply give up on this vital part of lead generation because it’s just too brutal!

Learn how to overcome this by understanding a number of proven and more recent techniques that you can choose to increase the number of quality prospects who connect with you, and get placed into your pipeline. 

In this webinar you will discover

  • How understanding your market’s and your own personal preferences is essential to choosing the ideal way to connect first time with new prospects.
  • A variety of options, including on-line and off-line and typical and next generation strategies to get out there and get known.
  • How to effectively generate centres of influence and ‘word of mouth’ referrals (and not to rely on these exclusively).




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