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Recorded Webinars and Events

Recorded Webinar

Missed a Webinar or Event?

The following are recorded events and webinars available for your purchase. They can be viewed within the learning module page of your account dashboard, in your own time. Some recordings have a short quiz or simple assessment for completion once you have watched it, in order for CPD points to be awarded.

Legendary Leadership

1.00 CPD Points

In this information-packed and entertaining hour you will discover what Legendary Leadership is, how close to it you are, and what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the Legendary Leadership mountain.

Making a Claim

1.00 CPD Points

When considering claims and policy response there are many tools that lawyers and Courts use to interpret and consider the policy terms and response. Even in these days of plain English wordings, policies can only be properly understood when certain “doctrines” or rules are understood. - Duration: .56:43

Managing people who don't return calls or answer emails

1.00 CPD Points

In order to be able to provide a quality service, we are reliant on communicating with other people. But how often are you prevented from getting your job done because you are waiting on information from others, who simply will not return your calls or emails?

Marine 101

1.00 CPD Points

Marine insurance is the oldest form of insurance in the world, with its principles being formed over centuries and largely adopted by the other insurance sectors. Yet, it remains an area that is often not well understood, made worse by the wide range of activity that it covers.

Marine Cargo & supply chain with impact from pandemic 24-2-22

1.00 CPD Points

Why has COVID-19 caused supply chain issues?

Material Damage - Fire 15-3-22

1.00 CPD Points

Join Andrew Brooke Executive General Adjuster in the Specialist Services team at McLarens for an insight on Material Damage and Fire

Material Damage - November 2005

1.50 CPD Points

Kevin Allen discusses common extensions, exclusions and conditions of a material damage policy, as well as providing tips and hints to help with dealing with clients. - Duration: 1.31

Mindset & Motivation in times of challenge

1.00 CPD Points

Maintaining a positive mindset and motivation isn’t easy at the best of times let alone during times of Challenge. Speaker, author Natalie Cutler-Welsh, also known as the Up Your Brave coach will share some of her tips and strategies to help you have a mindset and have the motivation to take action to move towards the goals and lifestyle you want.

More Care Less Crap

1.00 CPD Points

How to create systems and strategies to design a nurture strategy that works for you and your customers and means that each subsequent interaction with your customer or prospect is a value based one. This will include a reference to keeping in touch with your existing database in a way that not only ensures repeat business/ cross selling and upselling, but quality referrals and recommendations.

More heart less hype - ensuring that your prospect meetings are impactful and memorable

1.00 CPD Points

Ensuring that your one on one (and one to many if you choose that strategy) are impactful and memorable, and getting the balance of necessary information gathering and understanding their world at a broader sense.

















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