29 Proven (Yet Overlooked) Ideas for Filling Your Sales Pipeline Quickly - 2017

V53IDEA 1.00 CPD Hours

A strong pipeline filled with quality prospects is a clear indicator of your business success in the comings months.

7 Key Protections for Broker Systems and Client Information 9-2-23

V214KEY 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar we will cover off 7 critical things any sized brokerage should have in place to prevent a disruptive and reputationally embarrassing cyber attack leading to a confidentiality breach.

A round up of FSCL cases - Lessons learned - 2017

V49ROUND 1.00 CPD Hours

Complaints to FSCL are on the rise, including complaints about financial advisers, insurance and mortgage brokers.
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A round up of FSCL cases involving insurance brokers and lessons learned - 2018

V92ROUND 1.00 CPD Hours

Complaints to FSCL are on the rise, including complaints about financial advisers, insurance and mortgage brokers.

A Round-up of recent complaints 10-8-23

V243ROUND 1.00 CPD Hours

Susan will give you some information about recent complaint numbers to FSCL and will talk about some recent complaints FSCL has investigated about insurance brokers and insurers, including the lessons learned from those complaints.
answer quiz

A round-up of recent Complaints 14-6-22

V174ROUND 1.00 CPD Hours

Susan will talk about the common causes of complaints about insurance brokers, look at some recent cases FSCL has investigated and resolved, and lessons learned from complaints investigated.

A snapshot of the current regulatory landscape 12-10-22

V211SNAP 1.00 CPD Hours

In this seminar, Michael will be providing an update on the current regulatory landscape with a particular focus on both the Commerce Commission and the Financial Markets Authority. Michael will also be discussing his opinions on each agency’s increased powers and investigation/prosecution budgets while also sharing his first hand experiences with both investigations and prosecutions.

Aggregation and de-aggregation of claims 29-7-22

V193AGGR 1.00 CPD Hours

This seminar will review the cases that have considered aggregation clauses and provide tips for their interpretation.

Alpine Fault and Earthquake Resilience Research Information Workshop - 2017

V97ALPINE 3.00 CPD Hours

The Insurance Council & IBANZ are pleased to facilitate a presentation and discussion on the latest research on the Alpine Fault and related earthquake resilience research, including how a future magnitude 8 earthquake could seriously affect some New Zealanders and the New Zealand economy.

Am I Part of the Problem? 20-9-23

V255PROB 1.00 CPD Hours

Too often negotiations can go wrong and we don’t know why. One reason can be that you are bringing your prejudices and beliefs into the negotiation without understanding why and what effect this will have.

AML/CFT 101 30-11-22

V213AMLCFT 1.00 CPD Hours

The session will be broken into three sections; The brief history and purpose of the AML/CFT Act, Brief introduction to the AML/CFT obligations & Guidance and Support

Are you really ready to negotiate? 22-11-23

V265NEG 1.00 CPD Hours

Life is full of negotiations and many of us do it well. However, why is it that sometime negotiations don’t go as well as planned? It is often simply because we don’t plan properly beforehand and rush into the negotiation thinking we know all we need to.

Asking the Right Questions - 2020

V143ASK 1.00 CPD Hours

Have you ever really thought about the power of questions? What about the types of questions there are, when to use them and why? How do you feel when you ask a question? How do other people feel when you ask them questions?

Bailee’s liability vs. ‘care, custody and control’ 16-3-22

V173BAIL 1.00 CPD Hours

Bailee’s liability vs. ‘care, custody and control’ - is there a difference?'

Best Practice Complaint Processes 26-4-23

V222BEST 1.00 CPD Hours

The IFSO Scheme conducted a scan of 99 IFSO Scheme Participants websites, specifically to review their complaint information and processes. The 30-minute webinar will delve into the data and provide our findings, conclusions, and recommendations to assist Participants provide a better website experience to customer - when they wish to complain.

Body Corporate Law and Insurance Implications - 2019

V107BODY 1.00 CPD Hours

Find out more about Body Corporate Law and the Insurance implications

Brokers Fiduciary Duties 7-6-23

V234BRFID 1.00 CPD Hours

Michael will be holding a seminar on the fiduciary duties of insurance brokers, and what this means in practice.
Conduct & Ethics rated answer quiz

Brokers Liability 25-3-2021

V152BROLIB 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will focus on Broker’s liability and in particular the extent of a broker’s duty of care to its client to warn of the duty of disclosure and the importance of ensuring that their clients understand the requirements of disclosure.

Broking in a Hard Market 16-3-23

V220HARD 1.00 CPD Hours

The current hard market shows no sign of let-up for most product lines. The way successful brokers respond in a hard market needs to adapt to the increasingly difficult circumstances.

Building an Unshakeable Mindset (Part II - the requested deeper dive) 22-2-24

V272BUILDII 1.00 CPD Hours

Building on Bruce's October '23 webinar (same name), Part II will repeat key themes covered in his previous webinar with 60% new content including proven, science-backed insights and tools to create your unshakable mindset, so you can consistently create extraordinary results across your business, finances, relationships (and life).

Building an Unshakeable Mindset 26-10-23

V261BUILD 1.00 CPD Hours

Your success or failure, your prosperity or shortfall is not so much determined by the tactics, mechanics or strategies that you apply, but by the mindset that you bring on a daily basis.

Building Online Funnels to attract new clients 15-4-21

V201BLGON 1.00 CPD Hours

How are you attracting and nurturing leads online? As 80% of sales are made on the 7-12 contact with a company, funnels are essential to nurture leads to turn them into paying clients.

Business Interruption - AICOW 27-7-23

V02BIAC 1.00 CPD Hours

Learn about the Importance of cover for Additional Increase in Cost of Working
BI is more than just the insurance of Gross Profit. Cover is automatically provided for Increased Costs as part of the Gross Profit item. But there are limitations to what can be claimed under this item – often referred to as Item 1(b).
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Business Interruption - Claims Example 10-10-23

V18BI3 1.00 CPD Hours

Follow the Business interruption claims process using an example, and gain a better understanding of how the calculations are applied at claim time, and when discussing sum insured. - Duration: 1.09

Business Interruption - Common Problems 23-8-23

V03BICP 1.00 CPD Hours

It is often only when a loss occurs that a broker finds out how good their clients BI policy is. It is too late after a loss to retrospectively change the cover. You may not have seen your client’s financial accounts. - Duration: 1.09
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Business Interruption - Gross Profit - Don't get it wrong 15-6-23

V236BIGP 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will cover the importance of gross profit when putting a business interruption programme together.
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Business Interruption - Natural Disaster 18-5-23

V36BIND 1.00 CPD Hours

In one hour we share some of the actual issues we experience and how we resolve differences to get to a fair claim settlement.
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Business Interruption - Wages 15-11-23

V25BIW 1.00 CPD Hours

Different ways to insure wages (including Dual Wages) – and what is best for your clients? - Duration: 1.03

Business Interruption Insurance for beginners – Part 1 5-3-24

V274BIPT1 1.00 CPD Hours

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part presentation for those new to commercial broking and who have had little to no exposure to business interruption insurance.
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Business Interruption Insurance for beginners – Part 2 9-3-23

V129BIPT2 1.00 CPD Hours

This is Part 2 of a 2 Part presentation for those new to commercial broking and who have had little to no exposure to business interruption insurance.

Business Risk Analysis 29-8-23

V249BUSRISK 1.00 CPD Hours

In this session an easy-to-understand business risk model and process will be explained which can be applied to any business or personal goals. It will show you how to identify risks, assess their impact and likelihood and how to respond to those risks.

Career and Broking Insights from Nick Cressey 23-1-24

V267CARE 0.50 CPD Hours

Tune in for a listen to this engaging discussion between Simon Moss and IBANZ Life-Member Nick Cressey. Filled with industry insights, interesting insurance history and career tips relevant to any stage of the broking journey.
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Catch fire before it starts 14-2-24

V270CATCH 1.00 CPD Hours

Andrew will introduce why NZI have decided to invest in Electrical Inspectors. History of Electrical defects for our industry and what we traditionally did (Risk Improvements).  Toby will outline the importance of electrical maintenance and safety and what he’s found to date
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Centre of Influence Marketing 6-9-23

V251CENT 1.00 CPD Hours

Top producers generate between 75 and 80 percent of their new business from referrals. Centres of influences are non-client referrals sources that can help you build and maintain an overflowing sales pipeline and close more business.

Claim v circumstance 13-5-21

V155CIRC 1.00 CPD Hours

The session will focus on the differences between a claim and a circumstance.

Client vulnerability: reviewing your policy and processes 22-6-22

V175CLIENT 0.50 CPD Hours

This webinar will cover some developments on the subject of client vulnerabilities, with cases and lessons from other jurisdictions and some resources to assist you in practical policies and procedures for your team.

Clients requiring extra care 13-7-23

V240CLIENT 0.50 CPD Hours

In this webinar Stephanie will share FSCL’s insights on ways to both recognise when a client may be vulnerable, and ways that brokers can ensure they’re appropriately providing extra care when it’s needed.
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Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services 4-5-23

V225CODE 1.00 CPD Hours

The session will describe the Standards within the Code and provide an opportunity for you to fully understand the implications of each Standard.
Conduct & Ethics rated answer quiz

Codes of Conduct and the General Insurance Advice sector 05-09-22

V204CODES 1.00 CPD Hours

The IFSO and IBANZ discuss the impact the new Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services is having on the F&G insurance advice sector.

Commercial Motor 14-9-21

V166COMM 1.00 CPD Hours

Craig Langstone will present on a number of common and topical issues in the commercial motor space.

Commercial Motor Vehicle - 2016

V35CMV 1.50 CPD Hours

Commercial Motor Insurance designed for fleet operators with various needs such as trucking, heavy mobile plant, motor vehicles and bus fleets.
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Communication skills & body language 25-8-22

V203COMM 1.00 CPD Hours

In this session you will learn in depth about the power and impact of your body language and how to recognise it in others.

Complaint Handling Process and Skills Session 1 20-4-21

V153COM1 1.00 CPD Hours

What does a compliant internal complaint process look like and why is it important (besides being a FAP licence requirement).

Complaint Handling Process and Skills Session 2 3-6-21

V160COM2 1.00 CPD Hours

Complaint handling skills – interest based negotiation for early resolution

Complaint Handling Process and Skills Session 3 15-6-21

V161COM3 1.00 CPD Hours

Getting all the right information – questioning techniques and deception identification

Complaint Handling Process and Skills Session 4 20-7-21

V162COM4 1.00 CPD Hours

It’s your fault, not mine. Knowing what you bring to the negotiation and getting your message through.

Complaint Handling Webinar - 2017

V66COMP 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar looks at how a compliant and efficient internal complaint process looks like and introduces participants to the skills to increase the chances of an early resolution.

Connecting with Your Customer - 2017

V45CONN 1.00 CPD Hours

The cornerstone of any good negotiation is being able to ‘get your messages’ through to the other party. In this session participants will learn the skills of mirroring behaviour to connect with the other party and moving positions to change perspective.

Contract Works - 2017

V63CWKS 1.00 CPD Hours

This course covers both the theory and practice of Contract Works Insurance and provides a broad but detailed overview of the industry and its component parts, players and products.

Contract Works - Medium and Large - 2016

V12CWlge 1.50 CPD Hours

Contracts works is not an off the shelf product. This workshop will increase your confidence in building cover for medium to large complex projects. Presented by experienced contract works specialist this is a must for anyone who has clients who manage medium to large construction projects. - Duration: 1.45

Contract works - Residential and small commercial - 2016

V09CWsml 1.50 CPD Hours

This course covers both the theory and practice of Contract Works Insurance and provides a broad but detailed overview of the industry and its component parts, players and products. - Duration:1.20
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Contract Works 20-9-23

V254CONTRA 1.00 CPD Hours

Based on Peter Ziegler’s experience, he will be discussing some of the policy consideration questions that may arise in Contract Works claims as well as create awareness of the insurance clauses and claims processes associated with Contract Works claims.

Contract Works 5-4-22

V176CWK 1.00 CPD Hours

This presentation will cover off aspects of Contract Works from an Underwriters perspective.

Contract Works the LEGs 26-5-22

V177CWLEG 1.00 CPD Hours

A refresher on the London Engineering Group "defects wording" in particular LEG 3.

Corporate Travel, Accident & Health Products - an Underwriter's Perspective 22-2-23

V217CORP 1.00 CPD Hours

The type of cover available to business travellers and employers wanting to protect their employees has changed over recent years. This session will discuss the most significant of those changes and the new products that are becoming available

Create a Sales Strategy to Achieve Superior Growth - 2016

V37SS 1.00 CPD Hours

You will learn how to Create a Sales Strategy To Achieve Superior Growth - Duration 1:18
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Creating a Powerful Personal Brand - 2017

V42CREATE 1.00 CPD Hours

Confidence. Credibility. Trustworthiness.

Are these the words that spring to mind when people first meet you?

Creating a Value Proposition that Gets Attention 28-9-23

V257CREATE 1.00 CPD Hours

A good value proposition translates what you do into something that is recognisable by a prospective client. Your value proposition is at the heart of positioning your business by transmitting directly and powerfully what your clients get when they use your services.

Creating an elevator pitch and bio that intrigues & connects 10-9-20

V140ELEVATE 1.00 CPD Hours

During this session we will look at the elements of an elevator pitch and bio that intrigues and connects.


Credit Insurance, Addressing your Client's Credit Risk 17-5-23

V228CRED 1.00 CPD Hours

With rising economic uncertainty and insolvencies here and abroad, join David Meys Commercial Director for Coface on this webinar, to get an understanding of addressing your clients credit risk and the confidence to provide solutions.

Customising an influence strategy - 2017

V43CUSTOM 1.00 CPD Hours

How can you generate leads in a way that not only suits your own business style, but also that of your market. How do you know if the investment into a lead generation strategy is providing you an acceptable return? How do you differentiate yourself powerfully from your competitors?
answer quiz

Cyber Insurance - Legal Issues - 2016

V22CI 1.00 CPD Hours

Cyber insurance is a growth area. Clients are increasingly concerned with data security (think: Mossack Fonseca, Wikileaks) and other risks linked to doing business using networked information technology. Cyber insurance is intended to address these risks. - Duration: 0.58

Cyber Insurance - Understanding the Proposal Form and Questionnaires 6-7-23

V238CYBER 1.00 CPD Hours

Daniel Watson will use his 28 years of IT experience to explain some of the technical terms and acronyms used by insurers on their Cyber Insurance proposal forms.

Cyber Liability Update 5-5-22

V178CYB 1.00 CPD Hours

Following on from the cyber workshop she presented last year which provided a general overview of the cyber risks facing SMEs, Sophie will be taking a closer look at some of the most topical issues in respect of cyber in 2022.

Cyber Risks - 26-8-22

V165CYBER 1.00 CPD Hours

Sophie will be holding a talk on the cyber risks facing New Zealand small businesses, including ransomware, business email compromise and data breaches, and how these risks are met by cyber and data insurance policies in the market.

Cyber update 8-11-23

V263CYBER 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will provide an update on current issues and trends relating to cyber insurance and cyber risks.

Cyber, Record Keeping & Vulnerable Clients 16-11-22

V212CYB 1.00 CPD Hours

The FMA will be presenting on three distinct topics, starting with Standard Condition 1 - Record Keeping, followed by standard Condition 5 – Business continuity and technology systems

D & O Insurance - 24-6-21

V158D&O 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar will focus on how D&O policies operate, the distinction between side A and side B cover, disclosure in a D&O Context and the knowledge of individual directors, how allegations of dishonesty are generally dealt with, the main exclusions and the implications of the Mainzeal and other recent D&O cases.

Dealing with challenging client behaviours 20-4-22

V179DEAL 1.00 CPD Hours

Stephanie will share some practical tips about how to manage clients who are stressed or engaging in unreasonable conduct, so you can diffuse the situation and ensure you are best meeting their needs

Dealing with difficult people – tips and techniques - 2017

V58DEAL 1.00 CPD Hours

Unreasonable and demanding conduct by difficult clients and complainants is on the rise. Also, unreasonable conduct can take an inordinate amount of your time and money.
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Dealing with Emotions in Negotiations (including debriefing) - 2017

V56DEAL 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar is webinar 5 which is part of a negotiation course that consists of six webinars each around 60 minutes long. At the end of each webinar there will be a short assignment. Upon completion of the full course attendees will be issued with a completion certificate. There is also the option of undertaking any of the webinars individually and not as part of the certificate course as each is ‘self-contained’. There is also an additional complaint handling webinar for those interested.

Detecting Deception - 2017

V50DETECT 1.00 CPD Hours

Have you ever felt that during a conversation or interview the person speaking to you is not telling you everything but you can’t pinpoint the problem? In this fascinating session participants will be introduced to the practice of Scientific Content Analyses (SCAN). Used all over the world as an investigative tool SCAN shows you how to recognise, by using some easy to learn techniques, if someone is being deceptive.

Differentiating in a Crowded Marketplace - 2019

V106CROW 1.00 CPD Hours

There have always been a lot of independent insurance brokers and agents in the marketplace, just as there are today. But the competition seems to be increasing daily, thanks largely to the proliferation of digital technology and online marketing.

Do You Know Your Legal Obligations as an Agent? 17-5-21

V159LEGOB 1.00 CPD Hours

Insurance brokers are legal agents. They act for principals. This seminar will explore the law of agency as it applies to insurance brokers. You might be surprised!

Domestic house & contents – the good, the bad, and the ugly 24-02-22

V180DH&C 1.00 CPD Hours

You will learn about the good, the bad, and the ugly in regards to Domestic house & contents insurance.

Don’t Get Hacked 24-8-23

V248HACK 1.00 CPD Hours

Just how secure are you and ready to defend yourself and the business you work for against the increasing rate and sophistication of cyber-attacks? Understanding what to look for and what not to click on or trust is vital. This session will provide you with an understanding of the types of threats and intrusion techniques and the do’s and don’ts of protection.

Duties under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 27-4-23

V223FMCA 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar will help you to understand when you have duties under the FMCA and how they vary for wholesale and retail clients
Conduct & Ethics rated answer quiz

Effective Apologies 14-6-23

V235EFF 0.50 CPD Hours

Karen Stevens, Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman, will discuss the power of a good apology, what makes a good apology and examples when a complaint has been resolved with an effective apology.

Empowered Leadership - how to effectively motivate and mentor others 27-9-23

V256EMPOW 1.00 CPD Hours

In this session you will learn actionable tools and strategies to empower, motivate and mentor your team, clients or work colleagues.

Environmental Liability 18-10-23

V260ENVIR 0.50 CPD Hours

At Delta Insurance, we believe that protection of our environment is a social obligation for all individuals and organizations, a sentiment increasingly echoed by public and government opinion.
Like many emerging risks it is important to be proactive now and be ahead of the curve rather than react when it’s too late.
This presentation will cover Deltas Environmental Insurance products, who should consider EIL Insurance and highlights the exposures/emerging ricks in NZ.
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Ethical Dilemmas - 2016

V10MD 1.50 CPD Hours

Where do we draw the ethical line? It can be like finding a needle in a hay stack or drawing a line in the sand. What is ethics? This workshop is one in a 3 part series. The Professional & Effective Broker & The Ins & Outs of Insurance Broking are the other 2.

Exclusion Clauses 07-09-22

V205EXCL 1.00 CPD Hours

What happens when there are two causes of loss, one insured under a policy and the other excluded?

FAP Regulatory Returns 16-5-23

V229FAP 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar, exclusively for IBANZ members, will outline FMAs expectations when FAP Regulatory Returns are completed and submitted. The session is intended for those management or support personnel who will be responsible for completing and submitting the annual return.

Faulty workmanship exclusions 11-8-22

V198FAUL 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will cover application in material damage and liability policies, with examples.

Feeling Uncooperative? When Clients Can Refuse to Comply With Insurance Investigations 11-5-23

V227FEEL 1.00 CPD Hours

Insurance policies require customers to comply with insurance investigation, but how far is too far? This webinar will give practical examples from IFSO Scheme cases where reasonable requests are being made of customers, and when they are not.

Fidelity Guarantee 2-7-22

V192FIDE 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will cover general policy coverage & issues as well as types of offending.

FMA - Monitoring Your Disclosure Obligations 21-2-23

V216FMAMON 1.50 CPD Hours

This webinar will review the FMAs findings to date in respect of your Disclosure obligations (complaints procedure, advice capability, conflicts of interest, remuneration etc) to clients

FMA Full Licensing Process 16-2-22

V181FMAFL 1.00 CPD Hours

Join experts from the FMA’s licensing and supervision teams for a VIP tour of the full licensing process. This bespoke session has been designed specifically for IBANZ members and will have a strong focus on how to make a successful licence application, along with insights about what to expect once you’re fully licensed.
This forum is free and worth 1 CPD point.

Focus on the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Services 3-4-24

V280FOCUS 1.00 CPD Hours

The Code is a key part of the financial advice regime. Its standards are principles-based prompts designed to work in a wide range of advice situations. This session provides a refresh on how the Code can help you give good advice. It also covers how and why the Code encourages you to continue developing your professional skills.
Conduct & Ethics rated answer quiz

Food Contamination & Product Liability 12-10-23

V259FOOD 1.00 CPD Hours

Though we live in a world of zero tolerance in food and beverage manufacturing, product contamination can, and does, happen. Products may have been distributed and incorporated into third party processes and products, or worse, consumed and caused harm. Consequential losses may also arise. Jeff Stagg will talk through a case study and adjustment process for food and beverage contamination claims.
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FREE - Prospecting Master Class - 2019

V115FREE 1.50 CPD Hours

You already know you should be doing some prospecting for new clients. But there’s too much other stuff going on. So you put it off.

Full FAP License Application Guidance 27-7-22

V172FAP 2.00 CPD Hours

IBANZ is pleased to announce for our Members this FMA-led forum for Class 1 & 2 transitional FAP licensees.
This forum is free and worth 2 CPD points.

General Liability 17-6-21

V157GENLIA 1.00 CPD Hours

Philippa Fee will present on the scope of general liabilities policies, commonly available in the New Zealand market

General Liability 6-5-23

V275GENLIA 1.00 CPD Hours

General Liability cover protects against the cost of compensating third parties if they suffer a personal injury or damage to their property for which you are legally liable.

Generating leads to maintain an overflowing pipeline 6-5-22

V200GENLEA 1.00 CPD Hours

To achieve your business and financial goals you need a constant flow of prospective client leads.

Getting More Meetings and Landing More Clients - 2020

V128GETMORE 1.00 CPD Hours

The secret to producing outstanding growth “is not sitting around and waiting for the phone to ring.” Instead you need to proactively market yourself to get conversations and initial meetings with prospective clients.

Gnarly PI Issues - Extensions, Exclusions and Definitions 8-9-22

V206GNARL 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will assist you with frequent PI difficulties.

Goal setting & Goal getting - 2020

V144GOAL 1.00 CPD Hours

During this session Natalie will share a template used for creating goals and mapping out a plan to achieve them regardless of what opportunities or challenges come your way.

Guidance on the Fair and Reasonable Jurisdiction of the IFSO Scheme 9-11-23

V264GUIDE 0.50 CPD Hours

In this webinar we will explain the Scheme's Fair and Reasonable Guidance to give you and your financial service provider a better understanding of how the IFSO Scheme applies our fair and reasonable jurisdiction

Health and Safety at Work - 2015

v14HS 1.00 CPD Hours

The new The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 takes effect on 4 April 2016. Are you ready? - Duration 1:07
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Helping Clients Understand Meth Risk - 2016

v34METH 1.00 CPD Hours

Media attention in recent months has shone a light on the growing awareness of how methamphetamine use and manufacture is compromising property assets. This awareness has seen more people make meth testing part of their pre-purchase due diligence. This in turn has meant that claim numbers have increased dramatically. - Duration: 1.10
answer quiz

Helping your client – getting claims paid and other problems resolved 11-5-22

V182HELP 1.00 CPD Hours

In this session Trevor will share his knowledge on how to help your client resolve their problems.

How the Code of Professional Conduct Will Impact You (2018)

V83FUTURE 1.00 CPD Hours

Rebecca Sellers & Gary Young will speak about proposed regulatory changes and what they will mean for advisers/brokers and their businesses. The session will run for an hour including time for questions.

How to have all the Respect, Control and Freedom you want in your business - 2020

V131RESP 1.00 CPD Hours

Gaelene will share the 3 core areas that must work in harmony for you to have all the Respect, Control and Freedom you want in your business to create Team Flow.

How to have the best brain health - 2020

V141BRAIN 1.00 CPD Hours

Our brains are our most important tools when it comes to our jobs. Do you notice at times you loose focus and concentration? Or do you just want your brain to work faster, to retain information better, to have better focus at work. Corporate clients can't believe the difference in their productivity.

How to Identify, Target & Nurture Competitors Under Serviced Accounts - 2019

V122TARGET 1.00 CPD Hours

Your best prospective clients are often your competitors under serviced accounts. During this webinar you will learn how to identify, nurture and acquire under serviced accounts to rapidly grow your business. I’ve personally used these techniques to write millions of dollars of new business and produced double digit growth.

How to improve your memory and focus - 2020

V146MEM 1.00 CPD Hours

The biggest increase in health conditions are seen in brain conditions. We are seeing more people world wide being diagnosed with dementia and alzheimer's. It's too late to change this once you have diagnosed but we can make sure you never get diagnosed with it. Want to be able to do your job better and in a shorter amount of time.

How to plan creatively for marketing after the pandemic - 2020

V132PLAN 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar we’ll explore how to get ready for what’s next in a radically altered business landscape.

How to Set and Achieve Sales Goals - 2018

V81GOALS 1.00 CPD Hours

Professionals that are effective at goal setting and planning grow roughly twice as fast as those that are not. Effective goal setting involves more than just setting a number for new business or the size of the book of business.

How Top Performers Position, Package and Sell Their Expertise - 2018

V100TOP 1.00 CPD Hours

Learn how Top Performers Position, Package and Sell Their Expertise

Increase your Online Credibility and Visibility 21-6-23

V237INCR 1.00 CPD Hours

Your online credibility and visibility is more important than ever so that people can find you online. Showing up online and having a consistent, cohesive message is key to people trusting you enough to take the next step in the buying process. In this webinar you’ll learn how to get seen online and create trust so that you can attract more online engagement and sales.

Increasing your online presence 31-5-23

V232INCR 1.00 CPD Hours

Online presence is more important than ever so that people can find you online, and you create enough trust that prospects take the next step to do business with you. In this webinar you’ll learn free and paid strategies to improve your online presence so that you can attract more online engagement and sales.

Insights into complaints resolution 16-4-22

V183INSI 0.50 CPD Hours

Karen Stevens and Andrew Gunn will provide insights into complaint resolution and some of the common reasons why complaints are escalated to the dispute resolution scheme.

Insurance Considerations for a Body Corporate 11-10-23

V258INSCON 1.00 CPD Hours

We will discuss the legal framework of the Unit Titles Act and how this impacts insurance.
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Insurance for Commercial Property 101 17-8-23

V246INSCP 1.00 CPD Hours

An introduction to the policies required by a commercial property owner and things to be aware of under Material Damage, Rents, Liability from claims scenarios to demonstrate how being aware of them and providing appropriate advice would benefit the property owner.
answer quiz

Insurance issues for multi-unit buildings - 20-10-21

V168MULTI 1.00 CPD Hours

Insurance issues for multi-unit buildings, drawing on lessons from the Canterbury and the Kaikoura earthquakes.

Insurance Law: Essentials - 2016

V26ILE 1.00 CPD Hours

The important fundamental principles of interpretation and analysis can often be lost in the fog, and this seminar will assist in getting back to basics and to understand how it all fits together. An excellent refresher on important policy wording issues - Duration: 57.30
answer quiz

Insurance Process & Policy Construction - 2017

V47INSPRO 1.00 CPD Hours

When working in insurance it is a business that requires the Broker to absorb a large volume of information. A brokers knowledge of product is paramount and they must navigate their way through a myriad of tasks.

Interest Based Negotiation - 2017

V44INT 1.00 CPD Hours

There are many ways to negotiate. Interest based negotiation is well recognised as the method that produces the best long term sustainable outcomes. This session will introduce participants to the process of interest based negotiation, how to apply it to all negotiations and how and when to modify the process, for successful negotiations.

Introduction to Insurance and Broking 4-4-24

V281INTRO 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar Simon will describe the history of insurance, its importance to commerce, the insurance markets and the role of the insurance broker to understand their client’s risks, demonstrate that their advice is appropriate and suitable to meet those needs.
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Introduction to Mediation 14-4-22

V185MEDI 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar the mediation process will be explained along with how to participate in a mediation and how to find a suitable mediator.

Introduction to Surety Bonding 1-3-23

V219SURE 1.00 CPD Hours

Performance and Surety Bonds and Guarantees are becoming a more frequent requirement as part of a contractual undertaking.

It's a Match 10-5-22

V184MAT 0.50 CPD Hours

This webinar will look at the IFSO Scheme’s approach to loss of match – the inability to match replacement parts of the house or contents, to the undamaged parts of the house or contents

Jail time for breaching NZ’s cartel laws from April 2021 – what you need to know - 14-4-21

V156CART 1.00 CPD Hours

With the upcoming criminalisation of New Zealand's cartel laws set to take effect in April this year some engagement between competitors may risk constituting illegal collusion.

Keeping Positive: The 14 'Secrets' of the Slow Release Dopamine Diet - 2020

V134KEEP 1.00 CPD Hours

Attendees will learn fourteen different techniques to increase the production of dopamine (‘happy chemicals’) in their brain in order to be happier and more enthusiastic about life, no matter what challenges they face. The recommended techniques are backed by extensive scientific research and include some breakthrough tools.

Leadership in the Workplace 7-7-22

V171LEAD 1.00 CPD Hours

Leadership skills and self awareness is an integral part of success and happiness.

Legal issues arising from fires - 2018

V93FIRE 1.00 CPD Hours

Andrew Hooker presents a seminar on insurance issues arising from fires.

Legendary Leadership - 2020

V138LEGEND 1.00 CPD Hours

In this information-packed and entertaining hour you will discover what Legendary Leadership is, how close to it you are, and what it takes to reach the pinnacle of the Legendary Leadership mountain.

Legislation Update for the Insurance Industry 5-12-23

V266LEGUP 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will provide you with an up-to-date understanding about recent and proposed developments in the regulatory framework in New Zealand.
Conduct & Ethics rated answer quiz

Making a Claim - 2016

v17MC 1.00 CPD Hours

When considering claims and policy response there are many tools that lawyers and Courts use to interpret and consider the policy terms and response. Even in these days of plain English wordings, policies can only be properly understood when certain “doctrines” or rules are understood. - Duration: .56:43
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Managing people who don't return calls or answer emails - 2018

V91MANAGE 1.00 CPD Hours

In order to be able to provide a quality service, we are reliant on communicating with other people. But how often are you prevented from getting your job done because you are waiting on information from others, who simply will not return your calls or emails?

Marine 101 31-8-23

V250MARINE 1.00 CPD Hours

Marine insurance is the oldest form of insurance in the world, with its principles being formed over centuries and largely adopted by the other insurance sectors. Yet, it remains an area that is often not well understood, made worse by the wide range of activity that it covers.
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Marine Cargo & supply chain with impact from pandemic 24-2-22

V186MCAR 1.00 CPD Hours

Why has COVID-19 caused supply chain issues?

Material Damage - 2005

V08MD 1.50 CPD Hours

Kevin Allen discusses common extensions, exclusions and conditions of a material damage policy, as well as providing tips and hints to help with dealing with clients. - Duration: 1.31
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Material Damage - Fire 15-3-22

V187MD 1.00 CPD Hours

Join Andrew Brooke Executive General Adjuster in the Specialist Services team at McLarens for an insight on Material Damage and Fire

Mindset & Motivation in times of challenge - 2020

V133MIND 1.00 CPD Hours

Maintaining a positive mindset and motivation isn’t easy at the best of times let alone during times of Challenge.
Speaker, author Natalie Cutler-Welsh, also known as the Up Your Brave coach will share some of her tips and strategies to help you have a mindset and have the motivation to take action to move towards the goals and lifestyle you want.

More Care Less Crap - 2017

V60CARE 1.00 CPD Hours

How to create systems and strategies to design a nurture strategy that works for you and your customers and means that each subsequent interaction with your customer or prospect is a value based one. This will include a reference to keeping in touch with your existing database in a way that not only ensures repeat business/ cross selling and upselling, but quality referrals and recommendations.

More heart less hype - ensuring that your prospect meetings are impactful and memorable - 2017

V52HEART 1.00 CPD Hours

Ensuring that your one on one (and one to many if you choose that strategy) are impactful and memorable, and getting the balance of necessary information gathering and understanding their world at a broader sense.

More on Understanding MethRisk - 2017

V48METH 1.00 CPD Hours

Recent months have seen moves within insurers to clear up what is and is not covered under their policies. IAG have taken a lead in providing advice to customers. At the same time, the long anticipated Standard, being coordinated by Standards NZ, is close to being released.

More walk less talk - getting out there and getting known - 2017

V51WALK 1.00 CPD Hours

One of the most universally challenging activities, across all industries and markets is trying to get you and your product or service ‘out there’ and known to the people who count (and who you don’t at this stage know). How can you do it in a way that doesn’t come across as pushy, but also doesn’t waste your time.

Natural Disaster Claims 13-3-24

V277NATDIS 1.00 CPD Hours

The frequency and intensity of natural disasters have increased in recent years. In this seminar, we discuss the dual insurance system we have in New Zealand.
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Natural Hazard Insurance 11-4-24

V283NATHAZ 1.00 CPD Hours

An overview of insurance provided under the EQC Act for homes and some residential land in New Zealand, how claims are being delivered through private insurers and general updates around the scheme such as reinsurance, levies and upcoming legislative changes.
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Negotiation Skills Workshop Series - Part 1 27-2-24

V273NEGSK1 1.00 CPD Hours

In this three-part masterclass attendees will explore the skills of a good negotiator and how these skills can be applied in providing financial advice as an insurance broker.

Networking - how to get the most out of events (and create your own networking events) - 2018

V87NETWORK 1.00 CPD Hours

We are constantly being told that networking is great for business, but sometimes the thought of turning up and speaking with strangers fills us with dread. How can you not only choose the best events for your style and expertise but also make the most out of them when you are there?
answer quiz

Niche marketing: Identifying and penetrating your ideal markets 8-4-22

V202NICHE 1.00 CPD Hours


Non-disclosure and misrepresentation issues 3-11-22

V210NONDIS 1.00 CPD Hours

Non-disclosure and misrepresentation issues often arise when insurance products are interpreted incorrectly. In this seminar, Sophie will be discussing the common issues that arise with non-disclosure (including innocent non-disclosure and material non-disclosure) and misrepresentation, with a particular focus on a brokers’ knowledge of issues known to them.

Notification of Claims under a claims made policy - 2019

V117NOTIF 1.00 CPD Hours

This seminar will cover claims-made policies

Obligations of FAPs and Practical Implications 3-5-23

V224OBL 1.00 CPD Hours

This session will discuss the responsibilities and obligations of a FAP, including good practice and real examples where required standards have not been achieved.

Oh No! I’ve got a complaint! - 2018

V101OhNo 1.00 CPD Hours

Many of us react poorly when a complaint is made against us which can result is all sorts of problems.

Online presence and visibility 10-4-24

V282ONLINE 1.00 CPD Hours

Your online presence and visibility helps you to connect with your current and potential customers online. In this webinar Leanne will show you how to improve your online presence and visibility so that prospects can find you online and also how to create trust which helps people to choose you over your competition.

Optima Management Liability Insurance Package 14-9-23

V253OPTIMA 1.00 CPD Hours

Empowering businesses with management liability insurance:
In today’s dynamic business landscape, businesses face a myriad of challenges while navigating operations and management, further complicated by the ever-changing economic climate.
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Owning and Dominating Your Niche Markets - 2020

V147OWN 1.00 CPD Hours

During this webinar you will learn how to identify the markets you want to focus on and develop a well-thought out niche marketing action plan to obtain referrals and appointments with prospects.

P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. - The innovative internal complaint handling method - 2018

V80PRACTICE 1.00 CPD Hours

Sometimes service to your clients doesn’t go as planned. How you are able to effectively recover that service failure depends on how you identify, handle and respond to complaints about the services you provide, the products you sell, and how you and your staff interact with customers and clients.

Personal brand & Social Media 14-9-22

V207PERS 1.00 CPD Hours

We will look at social media and how to raise your profile and personal brand in a way that is both authentic and effective.

Personal grievances in restructuring, and employment status claims 21-2-24

V271PERS 1.00 CPD Hours

Many employers consider restructuring their businesses to adapt to changing economic conditions. This session will address what employers can do to minimise the risk of personal grievance claims arising from restructuring. Also, we will address how businesses can best avoid and defend claims from contractors that they are actually employees (an increasingly common situation).
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PIDO presentation 13-2-24

V269PIDO 1.00 CPD Hours

The training session will focus on PI underwriting considerations including a brief overview of claims and market cycles.
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PL Manufacturing Product by Delta - 2018

V84PLMAN 1.00 CPD Hours

We will look into the new product offering specifically targeted at Manufacturing sector with some unique features.

Policy Interpretation - 2019

V114POL 1.00 CPD Hours

Andrew Hooker will lead a seminar covering off the important principles of the interpretation of insurance policies, some of the common rules, case law and areas of importance for brokers.

Presenting to Groups – You only get one shot 31-10-23

V262PRES 1.00 CPD Hours

It is fair to say that most advisers are excellent talkers. But what if you need to present to a group of people, such as a Board or management team? The skills needed to do so are very different from the one-on-one conversation.

Principles of Risk Management - 2016

V15PR 1.50 CPD Hours

Clients rely on their Insurance coverage to support recovery in the unlikely event of a loss. Losses fall in to many different categories, some of which are difficult to manage, an obvious example is the Christchurch Earthquake’s. - Duration: 1.12

Privacy Act 2020 - 2020

V145PRIV 1.00 CPD Hours

Crossley will highlight the key changes to the current privacy laws when the Privacy Act 2020 come into force on 1 December 2020. This will include:

Privacy and Advice – How Your Responsibilities Overlap 26-10-22

V209PRIV 1.00 CPD Hours

How can you work to ensure your processes cover both privacy and your obligations as a financial adviser? This webinar will follow the client journey and look at the overlap and gaps between your obligations for advice and privacy along this journey. It will provide tips on how you can use the same processes to make sure you are meeting both obligations and how to avoid potential problems.

Product efficacy v defective products/workmanship issues 19-7-22

V195PROD 1.00 CPD Hours

In this seminar, Sophie will address issues of interpretation arising where there are issues with an insured’s product that lead to claims under their Public Liability policy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance 28-7-21

V199PROIND 1.00 CPD Hours

Professional indemnity policies - the basics and above, with lots of claims examples.

Professional Negligence Cases Against Brokers 24-5-23

V230PRONEG 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar Crossley Gates will discuss the nature of these duties and provide cases where the broker has become exposed to liabilities.
Conduct & Ethics rated answer quiz

Putting pen to paper - how to write a good letter to deal with a complaint - 2017

V46PEN 1.00 CPD Hours

Everybody in business receives a complaint from time to time. Many people’s natural reaction to a complaint is to be defensive and sometimes angry. Unfortunately a defensive response is unlikely to resolve a complaint and may make matters worse, with the complaint escalating to FSCL or other external dispute resolution scheme.

Quit apologising, over-explaining and justifying - 2018

V88QUIT 1.00 CPD Hours

Many women (and men!) hold themselves back by constantly second guessing themselves and demonstrating cautious behaviour. This often presents itself as apologetic language, but also as spending considerable time over-explaining or justifying a point.
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Reaching Out: How to Obtain Appointments With Prospective Clients - 2019

V109REACH 1.00 CPD Hours

There are two ways to acquire new clients, either they come to you or you go to them. In this webinar you will learn how to successfully reach out to prospective clients and convert them into appointments to drive new business growth for your business. You will discover the techniques top insurance brokers, advisors and agents use to quickly build overflowing sales pipelines filled with future great clients.

Reasonable Care 21-10-22

V208REAS 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar Craig Langstone of Fee Langstone will address the vexed question of what does, and what does not, amount to “reasonable care” in any given factual situation

Recent Cases from the Courts in 2016

V37CASES 1.00 CPD Hours

Like to know what's been going on in legal circles for Brokers this year then this is the workshop for you
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Recent Travel Insurance Cases - 2018

V82TRAV 1.00 CPD Hours

Complaints to FSCL about declined travel insurance claims are on the rise.

Reinsurance 101 - 2016

V13RI 1.50 CPD Hours

Ever wondered how reinsurance works> What is it, and why do insurers by it. - Duration 1:23
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Risk Analysis – how to protect the pathway to your goals - 2019

V105RISK 1.00 CPD Hours

Most of us set goals in our personal and business lives. However, whilst we often take action to ensure we reach a goal in our personal lives, what we often fail to do in our business lives is to look at the risks that may prevent us reaching those goals.

RMA Changes - Impact on Statutory Policies 19-4-23

V221RMA 1.00 CPD Hours

The government is proposing to introduce a new regime for Environmental and Resource Management.
This webinar will discuss the changes and how they may impact on Statutory Liability Insurance.

Sale and acquisition of businesses and associated insurance issues 16-8-23

V245SALE 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar will look at insurance issues that arise in the context of the sale and acquisition of businesses (and differences in terms of mode of sale such as share versus asset sales) including practical steps that should be taken.

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Section 9 Law Reform Act - 28-10-21

V169SEC9 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar will focus on the operation of section 9 of the Law Reform Act 1936, and how it operates to place a ‘charge’ on insurance moneys which are payable as indemnity for liability to pay damages and compensation.

Significant Breaches of the Fair Insurance Code 15-8-23

V244SIGN 0.50 CPD Hours

The Fair Insurance Code is a code of conduct developed by Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ), which sets out the standard of service member companies must provide to their customers. These Code obligations are in addition to those imposed by the law.
Independent dispute resolution schemes, such as the IFSO Scheme, apply the Code in practice.

Sleep 18-11-20

V148SLEEP 1.00 CPD Hours

No one wants to learn about sleep, I know!! You might be rolling your eyes about this topic, because what more is there to know. We all know we need 6-8 hours of sleep and we need to prioritise but what I see time and time again is people are not doing it. Why? Because we don't know how busy our bod

So, You want to be a mediator? - 2019

V111MEDIA 1.00 CPD Hours

Learning the basics of mediation and how to apply them to client interactions

Statutory Liability Policies - 23-9-21

V167STAT 1.00 CPD Hours

How they work, what is a statutory liability claim and what to expect

Supercharge your LinkedIn profile to increase your online brand and connections 10-5-23

V226SUPER 1.00 CPD Hours

LinkedIn is a great connection and lead generation tool, in this webinar Leanne will teach you how to supercharge your LinkedIn profile so that you can attract more clients and opportunities.

Technology Liability - 2015

V06TL 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar/workshop will look at some of the key trends in the technology industry, some of the emerging risks and key coverage considerations for brokers involved in placing technology liability policies.- Duration: 0.35
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The 7 Habits of Top Producers: How to Go From Good to Thriving - 2018

V90HABIT 1.00 CPD Hours

Boosting new business performance is a growing problem for insurance brokers, agents and advisors.
Fortunately, however, you don’t have to suffer from disappointing new business results once you learn the seven habits of top producers.

The Appointment: What to Say and Do During a Face-to-Face Meeting with a Prospective Client - 2020

V139THEAPPT 1.00 CPD Hours

An initial face-to-face appointment with a qualified prospect is like gold. It is hard to get, but extremely valuable. Because of the potential value of every face-to-face appointment you need maximise this golden opportunity. Learn exactly what you need to say and what you need to cover to get in front of more prospective clients.

The Art of Time Management 8-2-24

V268ART 1.00 CPD Hours

We are all busy and time management is something we struggle with. Your outcomes will be how to forecast your business through time management, planning and being strategic. This helps with levelling out your workload and dealing with the unexpected calls and events that we deal with every day

The Drone takes off: Growth in the UAV space and insurance solutions for this emerging risk 2017

V55DRONE 1.00 CPD Hours

UAV or a drone is a growing market here in NZ. In this session we will see what is UAV and its broad applications in different industries. We believe this is a growing risk worldwide and here in NZ which also creates an opportunity in the insurance space. We will also cover the risk implications of this emerging area and cover the UAV insurance product which is a comprehensive insurance solution covering both first and third party aspects.
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The FSCL conciliation process – the why and how - 2017

V79CONCIL 1.00 CPD Hours

In this webinar, Stephanie will talk about what conciliation is, and FSCL’s conciliation process within the context of FSCL’s overall investigation process.

The impact of being complained about 9-8-22

V197IMPA 0.50 CPD Hours

In this webinar the IFSO Scheme presenters will discuss the workplace and emotional impacts on you, the adviser, or complaints personnel may experience when facing a complaint.

The Ins and Outs of Insurance Broking - 2015

V04IO1 2.00 CPD Hours

Kevin Allen discusses the insurance broking profession and includes tips around how to deal with insurers and clients, this content has relevance to all brokers. This workshop is one in a 3 part series. The Professional & Effective Insurance Broker & Ethical Dilemmas are the other 2.
answer quiz

The meaning of “damage” and other interesting issues in insurance claim cases - 2018

V99DAMAGE 1.00 CPD Hours

FSCL will discuss a recent case where it had to consider the meaning of “damage” relating to a material damage claim.

The money or the bag? When the Insured has a claim for money lost 13-9-23

V252MONEY 1.00 CPD Hours

When transactions go awry, the decision on whether an insured has lost the money, or the item has significant impacts on cover.
answer quiz

The Practice of Claim Management 25-5-23

V231PRAC 1.00 CPD Hours

Insurance claims require planning. They simply don’t get resolved by taking unplanned steps. There needs to be a detailed thought process and a subsequent claim plan.

The Professional & Effective Broker - 2017

V41PROF 1.00 CPD Hours

Learn about how to improve your skills as a broker. This workshop is one in a 3 part series. Ethical Dilemmas & The Ins & Outs of Insurance Broking are the other 2.
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The World of Insurance - 2016

V19WOI 1.50 CPD Hours

From the very origins of insurance through to the world of insurance as we know it today. This workshop will open your eyes to the importance of insurance and, with a focus on the Christchurch earthquake as an example, the valuable contribution it makes to our global economy. Duration 1.11
answer quiz

Time Management for Insurance and Risk Professionals 22-8-23

V247TIME 1.00 CPD Hours

Top professionals understand that time is money and how you spend your time determines how successful you are. It takes a deep level of motivation and discipline to focus on the right activities, working proactively with your top priority top clients, meeting prospective clients, following up with existing prospects and balancing client and prospects demands.

Time Management: How to Better Sense and Serve Your Clients Needs 28-4-22

V196TIME 1.00 CPD Hours

Top professionals are always client-centred with the needs and concerns of clients upmost in their minds. They use time management to produce outstanding results and deliver great service by focusing on the right activities and overcoming the many distractions that can get it in the way.

Time Saving Online Tools to increase your productivity 19-7-23

V241TIME 1.00 CPD Hours

This webinar covers digital tools for better reporting and visibility of your business, saving time, better business efficiency and reducing costs.

Tips for avoiding complaints - 2019

V110Tips 1.00 CPD Hours

Whilst complaints are a great way to improve your business it is good to learn from them and reduce the likelihood of complaints especially those that can escalate.

Underground Services – Risks, cover and claims 19-3-24

V278UNDER 1.00 CPD Hours

A session to cover the general policy requirements for Underground Services extensions or exclusions, the contractual and common law position, council bylaws, Before U Dig and claims issues. Also issues with services on redevelopment (Brownfield) sites.
answer quiz

Underinsurance 12-5-22

V189UND 1.00 CPD Hours

In this presentation you will learn about the difficulties in setting the Sum Insured, some issues with the Cordell calculator, and potential liability risks for brokers assisting clients with setting the Sum Insured.





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